7,000 Visitors

This post is announce a milestone for this blog.

Since this blog has started, we have received 7,000 vistors from 4 continents! We have now over 50 unique visitors that have created accounts on the blog. We are beginning to see much new trafic. We just received the 100,000th hit on the site. Around 58 different people visit the site each day and view approximately 8 pages each visit. This is great news! Please pray that God continues to bless this work and helps spread the news that we publish.

It is my desire as the host to ask visitors to begin to post their comments to the articles and become more active, not just readers. What you say will help us guide our efforts and also is a strength to the refugees that we support, to see others involved in their struggles is a great comfort.

Pray for our continued success.

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