Awaited Good News

Today I received a greatly anticipated phone call. The story began with our dear sister in Christ, Caroline Siah Kpou, being detained in a foreign refugee camp for many years apart from her husband. In April, after many months of communication, an opening was made by our Lord for her to go to Accra and begin an appeal with the U.N. Unfortunately, the matter was caught in the horrible papermill that such people must wade through. By God’s design, Caroline’s husband, Samuel and I had been in months of email communication and Samuel had provided me with the missing documentation he had worked so hard for through his attorney.

Then God stepped into this with a wonderful encounter with a retired Marine officer, who is also an attorney, he worked in the same office building as I did. He guided me with the missing counsel needed.

I prepared a simple email to the U.S. Embassy in Accra detailing her plight and the source of the missing documents that were required for her ability to come to America. I emailed instructions to Caroline and then we prayed for the Lord to intervene.

Praise the Lord! May 4, 2006 I received this blessed message and the picture to confirm the answer to our prayer. Caroline had been approved at the U.S. Embassy in Accra for her immigration to America.

Caroline began her journey to America September 7, 2006 and today I heard her voice, her joy and the rejoicing of her family on the phone. Thank you to all for your prayers and support.

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