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The Buduburam Refugee Camp is about 30 miles west of Accra, Ghana. It is home to approximately 30,000 refugees.

Typical camp street

The majority of the refugees in the camp are from Liberia. We (Ken and Mary Davis) have just returned from a two week visit in April, 2005, to this refugee camp. It was a time to meet and greet many people with whom we have been corresponding and learning about for the past several months. It also was a personal time of investigation and observation of their circumstances and to hear from these people about their stories of war, loss of family and their current plight of being a refugee in a camp forgotten by the U.N.

I cannot begin to tell you of the plight of these Christians, they are caught in time, refugees without means of support. They are not allowed to work outside of the camp (economic interference with the host nation – Ghana) and are therefore at the mercy of their circumstances. Without aid from the outside they must beg for basic existence (food, water, medicines). The U.N. stopped supporting these refugees over 4 years ago, yet they have survived and many have not lost their faith and hope that someone will come to their aid. Those that remain in the camp and have not gone back to Liberia are the ones who have the greatest fear that upon return they will be killed by their enemies. I ask you to seek God for an answer, if not only for yourself, for these wonderful people.

The following pages are the stories and pictures of the wonderful Christian Liberians that we meet. It is our hope that the information we provide will enable the reader to review, become aware of these peoples lives; and, with answered prayer become a part of our efforts to assist these people in every way that is possible.

The stories supplied are as is, unedited as given to us either in person or supplied by email. Please understand that even though English is the official language, it is not the ‘Queen’s english’. The spelling and grammar you will see, reflects the West African usage of English and should not be evaluated to determine the educational level of the individual author.

If you are interested in contacting, corresponding, helping provide assistance or just want to post a comment; please become involved.

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