Caroline Siah Kpou

Caroline Siah Kpou

Caroline Siah Kpou

Buduburam Refugee Camp
C/O Box 46
State House,

March 24, 1972

Foyah, Lofa County
Republic of Liberia


High School Graduate

Since 1998, my husband travelled to the States, he has tried three (3) ways to get me and the kids over to him but nothing has worked. He again took us from Guinea to Ghana with the hope that God will open a way. I came together with the kids to Ghana in 2000 for another program which he has filed for.

Condition here in Ghana is just by the grace of God especially living as a single parent. I find it very difficult in bringing the kids up. Living condition is hard that even the finance from my husband hardly meet up to the standard of living looking at education, medical, feeding and more. Worst of all, separation from my husband for six(6) years now is a serious problem in my life.

Married with two (2) kids. November 21, 1998.

I left Liberia with my mother’s friend on the night of Jan. 1990. Because of the intensive shooting which I heard in the house, my sisters and I left the house not knowing where we were heading to. I later met group of people that were also running and it was at this time I saw my mother’s friend,ma Isatu. I joined her wherever she went and this is how I saw myself in another country, Guinea. I lived with Ma Isatu who promised never to return Liberia. since than I only heard that my parents are no where to be found and I have not also gone back to Liberia and can not still hear about them.

Caroline S. Kpou
Head Teacher
Children Bible School(WBS)

Kenneth D. Davis

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