Elizabeth Kyne

Elizabeth Kyne

I was born on the 31st october,1964. Religion is Christian, marital status single, children 2 bilogical, 1 foster found during the war 1996 from the massacre scene.

Education 12 grade certificate, vocation Masonery, residence in Liberia sinkor, Monrovia. Departure from Liberia April, 1996. Mode of transport, walked to Ivory coast.

My father name is Ren Paul Kyne. Worked with the ministry of education as an administrator in the over seas scholarship department. I got news that he died in 1991, cause of unknown.

I lived in Fiamah with my mother but I fled when hostilities began between Charles Taylor and other hostile factions. At the time I fled single parent with my son Joseph Beaye.

We walked for days and sometimes weeks with other fleeing people. On our journey I encountered two babies who were abandoned at a massacre sight. Every one who saw them just passed. I took the two girls Frances n Elizabeth, the names I gave. Elizabeth became seucrely malnurished n sad she give out the goast.

I traveled through Ivory coast where I stayed from 1998-2003 then on to Ghana. In Ivory coast I had a child for Alexander who use to assist feed Frances, Joseph n me. The was a civil conflict in Ivory coast which forced me to flee. I fled with Paul the baby I had with Alexander, Frances n Ellen my nice. Joseph went missing but by some miracle he tirned up in America. I found this out last year, 2004.

In ghana i decided to assist Cleo first then Beatrice. They are two-teenage girls who had no where to stay. They were unacomplained children. I pitied her stat so I took her in, she now has a two years old daughter who we called Betty Davis.

Beatrice too was victimised by a Ghanaians rapist n is now carring a nine months pregency. Although we have no direct source of income n we live in Ghana a two room but we get by on $25 send by joseph n you plus ur wife n I also braid hair.

I dream of assisting volunerable n abuse girls if I ever opportuned to be in the position to do so. This desire grew out of a lot of pain I have exprienced personally n heart breaking things I have seen over the past 15yrs my country Liberia has gone through a war.

I believed that the girls are more of victim in this crisis owing to gender inequality in this part of world n less opportunities for victims of war n refugee as my self.

Elizabeth Kyne

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