Ephesian N.Walker

Ephesian N.Walker

Dear Fellows,
I am Ephesian N.Walker, Born July 21st,1969,in montserado county, Liberia. My father is Gio and Mom Krahn.i am a high school graduate n now looking up to means to continue. i came to Ghana due to the war back home and here, as many can say, things are not as home. i was arrested, beaten by the rebels who jailed me for weeks n i later fled with the help of one them. I am married since 1992 n blessed with two boys. My father worked with the Doe GVT before
the war and becos of that, we as children were n are still be hunted. This is why some of us can not return home. i live here with my son n i pray to get him to school. My wife where about now is unknown along with my other kid. I left Liberia in 1999.

At this moment, i work with WBS and also serve as chaplain for the kids. we pray that God can provide us with the means to work n win more souls .

May God Bless you all who have decided helping this work.

Kenneth D. Davis

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