John B. Travis

John B. Travis

I am Liberian, 32yrs, married and blessed with two children, Johnetta-10yrs & Jonathan-7yrs.

Johnetta & Jonathan
Alfred & John

I was born on 4TH February, 1973 in Weala, Margibi county, Liberia. I am from the Kpelle tribe.

I am a nurse assistant/Evangelist by profession and desires to be a social worker, for i love working with people.

I came to Ghana at the result of a HUNT on my life in Liberia. It all began on Wednesday, the 28th August, 2002 when i was told that the Liberia national police was searching for me. I did not know the cause of the search, nor was i invited to the station or to court. Because of the pressure at my job site (SDA Cooper hospital) where i worked as Nurse Assistant and Red cross Personel and on my family members and friends to produce me, i manage to escape the city of Monrovia on Thursday 28th August,2002. On Monday, the following week, i was told by my Foster brother who telephone me from Monrovia that i was HUNTED in connection with a photograph of one Clr.Tiawon Gonloe who was admitted to the SDA Cooper hospital in April that same year. Accordingly, i was hunted to explain the reasons behind the picture they accused me of taking. I did NOT take this picture, accordingly, their believe was that since i had my own photographing station (which was also burnt), a camera man and worked in the same hospital, then i might be the only one to have taken the picture. It was reported that this was the Picture the CLR used as Evident against the Taylor Government for the Mad treatment given him in Liberia. This search was done in homes, work places, churches etc.

My home was broken into on Friday, the 30, August and all my things were taken away including documents, my photos, etc., some of which was used to track me for IDENTITY. I travelled by road and foot to the boarder of Ivory coast especially, the one call CANNEY BOARDER. I used different Identity all through the travel within Liberia and at the crosspoint, my name: JOHN B TRAVIS was on the WANTED LIST when i entered the Immigration office at that boarder on Tuesday, 11 September, 2002, thanks be to God for using false identity during the travel in Liberia.

After spending three(3) weeks in Abidjan, Ivory coast, i came to Buduburam, Ghana on the 3rd October, 2002.

My two children and bother joined me on Sunday, 9th January, 2005. AFTER MANY YEARS OF SUFFERING in Liberia and Guenea and the where about of my other members are unknown,for all fled to other areas due to the hunt on my life and the HARRASSMENT caused by the Governtment of Charles G Taylor on them.

My present condition in Ghana along with my kids & brother is so hard to discribe but i can only say NOT VERY GOOD. We do have basic health, Education, and food needs and as for Security it is very Bad for all refugees here including me.

I want to ask all who to help me with the following which i considered as my priorities.

1.Education for me, and all my children, and my little brother.
2.Health care provision for all and me.
3.Food asistance for my family members and me.

Since there is no job opportunity here, i appeal for some Re-location from here to enable me to school and suport my family.

May God bless you as you read this brief story of me. I want to thank God for KEN AND MARY whose heart God had touched to be a help to many in this camp including me.

John B Travis
Buduburam refugee camp,
p o box 46 state house,

Kenneth D. Davis

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