Child Care Foundation


Buduburam Refugee Camp
Central Region, Ghana.

The 1990 civil crisis which took Liberians out of their country into refugee situations in camps in and around West Africa and the world at large have brought untold sufferings hardship and difficulties in the lives of these refugees. Children are at the higher extent of risk than any of the other group in these situations. This reality is the same on the Buduburam Refugee Camp where a totals of 45,000 Liberian Refugees are seeking refuge. The children on this camp are a little over 13,000. Out of this number there are 700 school age going children.

Lack of employment have cause parents and guardians problems in sending their children and wards to school. Some families have 5 to 6 children all school age going. Who is to be attended to? Can sometimes be the question in the midst of difficulties and hardship.

The mothers have the burden piled up on their shoulders. They make business and make gardens in order to send these children to school. This is why the Child Care Foundation is in search for funding to cater to some of these children on the Buduburam Refugee Camp.

As already stated, in situations of war and refuge seeking, the child is at a higher risk. They are vulnerable to a lot of surrounding circumstances. Imagine a child of 8 years playing marble game or jumping rope all morning till evening, all because no money to pay fees. Where is that child future leading to? A child without education today is a possible carrier of the gun tomorrow. This situation is beyond the control of some parents; they
just sit and see their children future leading to a bleak without any chance of coming out of such a problem by themselves.

This is why the Child Care Foundation was established to take care of these problems for the children with your assistance.

The child care foundation has selected 15 children for the 2005 – 2006 academic year. They range from ages 5 – 14. Their level of education is nursery to 7th Grades.

The implementation of this project goes in line with the 2005 – 2006 academic calendar. The calendar year begins with registration in August 31, 2005. It is our hope that this project proposal will be appraised by you and then credence so as to meet the educational needs of these deserving children.

The school year is comprised of three terms. Funding for the first term would be used for tuition, uniforms, textbooks and book bags. For the second and third terms funding would be used for tuition and to purchase shoes, clothes, toothbrush, towels and other personal effects.

The Child Care Foundation had contributed through her staff, the identification of the target group and acquiring them. We hope in the future we will be in the position to put in financial support as well.

We will serve you with a report per child from the school on a term basis. We will also send your office receipts to see how your funding is being spent.

Tuition ¢ 720,000
Uniform ¢ 75,000
Book Bags ¢ 25,000
Stationary ¢ 105,000
Text Books ¢ 65,000
Towels ¢ 330,000

Total per child ¢ 1,320,000 = 160.00 USD (includes 8% wire transfer fee)

(Currency in Ghana is the Cedis (¢). ¢8,940 = 1.00USD)

If you desire to assist us in this work, please respond to this post.

Kenneth D. Davis

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