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2005 Plans and Agenda


The CHILDCARE FOUNDATION is a christian based Non Governmental Organisation(NGO). The number of Liberian children affected by war in Buduburam refugee camp, Ghana numbers about 7,000.In this we have seen the future of these children really bleak without help to meet some basic needs. The CHILDCARE FOUNDATION founder had these in mind.


The CHILDCARE FOUNDATION was founded on the 11th May, 2005 in the Buduburam Refugee settlement, Central Region, Ghana. The Founder is Bro.John B Travis and co-founders are Sis. Rebecca Z Siaway and Sis. Caroline S Kpou. The CHILDCARE FOUNDATION had its origin with the World Bible School children program called Buduburam children Bible school. The BCBS had close to sixty(60)children with the ages of 5-14 years. With the coming of the CCF and its Annoucement on 7th June, 2005, the BCBS began the property of CHILD CARE FOUNDATION.


CHILDCARE FOUNDATION was founded to meet the larger needs of some War-affected children of Liberia and Buduburam in particular where the founder is based for three years. Some of these basic needs includes: Educational, Health, Feeding, Counselling, Advocacy etc. It is our prayers that we can get the needed support to go the help of the children.


1. To provide ELEMENTARY and higher education to all Liberian whose parens cannot afford.

2. To provide SKILLS TRAINING for single parents who can not afford to sent their children to school, this will help them to help their children to school.

3. To provide VOCATIONAL TRAINING for children who are older and will not fit in grade school because of ages.

4. To provide HEALTH CARE fo all children affected by in countries where the CHILD CARE FOUNDATION exist in at the time of crisis.

5. To provide COUNSELLING and other REHABILITATION programs for children who are socially and physically affected by the war in Liberia.

6. To MINIMIZED or STOP the spread of AIDS and STDs and the use of drugs among young people where the CHILD CARE FOUNDATION exists.

7. To ADVOCATE for the right of all children (Liberian and non Liberian alike).


The CHILDCARE FOUNDATION is now involved in the following work at the Buduburam refugee camp (settlement) with Children.

1. We run a BIBLE SCHOOL with the total enrollment now of 70 children with age range of 6-14 years. The classes are scheduled for Saturdays from 11 am to 4pm. The School had four three teaching staff and a nurse. We are greatful for Ken and Mary Davis for their monthly contribution that helps us to have a meal for these children, we pray that some one can help them up. We also accept resource materials for the learing purpose of these children. We also accept other basics needs like clothing, staionery, shoes, etc.

2. We now run a SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM for the children whose parents or guidance can not afford to provide the educational need the child need to build their future. At present, we have PROCESSED 25 children to go to school and with the help of some christian groups, indivuals and churches, we have paid fees for 15 of these children for TERM ONE which ends in December, we still have 10 to start school. In addition 10 children are standing by for your support to get to school. May you come in also to help these children get to school. Details are spelled out in our PROJECT PROPOSAL on this website.

3. We now provide COUNSELLING for some of these who had some madtreatment problems from guidance,temperal hosts,etc. We do ADVOCATE for the right of these children in these matters even against the interest of the guidance whose care to such a child is questioned. The health condition of these children are bad and we pray for your coming to help these. If there is any more details you wish to know, please contact the web master on this website, even a copy of our constitution.

May God bless you all, AMEN

Signed: Ellen Knuckle
General Secretary

John B Travis
Executive OFFICER

If you desire to assist us in this work, please respond to this post.

Kenneth D. Davis

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