CCF – Single Mother’s Ministry

Child Care Foundation Announcement for NEW ministry to assist single mothers in vocational training to suppliment their ability to afford better living and financial means to send their children to school.

Historical Background

The Civil Crisis in Liberia which started December of 1989 had brought a lot of sufferings and hardship to the Liberian people. Some of these hardships and sufferings are seen in the country among the internally displaced people, even among those who are in their home towns. The other can be seen by refugees who fled their country because of the war. In situations like these, women suffer most This is why the child care foundation is in search for funding to carry out training for single women who are parents with the hope of reaching our target, the child.

It is our hope and fervent prayers that you will appraise this project proposal in our favor thereby alleviating some of the problems to a greater extent.

Main Tenets

We are stressing the point that in refugee situations, women suffer the most. Most house holds are being taken care of by women. They spend long tiring hours each day to see to it that the family is taken care of. Most of these women are also single parents and some have other children taking care of. The feeding, hospital bills, and other necessities are the burden of these mothers.

There are some widows in their midst which take this into a serious consideration.

This is why the Child Care Foundation is in search for funding to carry out an empowerment and capacity building training for women who fall in these categories, with the motive of giving this training so that she can be equipped with skills to adequately take care of the child. The child is our concern.

We will get involved into programs such as tailoring, soap science, Electricity; Agriculture, Electronics, and Architectural drafting. We will be training ten (10) women, in each of these disciplines.

“Give a person fish to eat, you feed him for a day, teach him to fish you feed him for life.”

It is our fervent hope and prayer that this proposal will be appraised in our interest and these women will take care of their own problems and make decisions that affect their own lives. We will be using the existing structures on camp and will not be running our own school centers, we will pay for the services of other existing schools and our targeted beneficiaries will go there for the training. It is our hope that funding could be gotten so that these women can once again have time to themselves to do more meaningful things.

Target group

We have targeted (60) women to benefit from the programs. These are all women living in our communities and suffering with children some of whom are our beneficiaries on the scholarship program. When these women get the training the child on the scholarship will be dropped out because she would have been capable then to take care of the child.

With more than 80% unemployment in Liberia, Child Care Foundation wants to prepare these Women for the new Liberia, and we depend on your meaningful support to carry on this huge task.


The implementation depends on funding, and as such the implementation will go on. However, we have planned implementing this project during the period covering – April, 2006 –December 2006. The programs will last nine (9) months. If funding is secured, we will continue the program with the sixty (60) women every time. We commence a new phase, after each program which if this is implemented, will commence January 2007, with another sixty (60) women (single mothers)

Our Contribution

We have located and recruited these women (single mothers) through our programs and welfare officers, who will benefit from our programs. We however hope that in the future we could do some cash contribution as well.


The project will be monitored in the light of the project proposal. It will be monitored by our program officer and our welfare officer from time to time. Recommendations to improve these programs will highly be encouraged from our beneficiaries. Copies of this process will be sent you every time it goes on.


The project will be sustained in the minds of these refugee women who are trained in various disciplines to help their children. Even their children will be kept in schools by the help of these programs. Sustainability of the project will be discussed and we will get to you with a project proposal for the sustainability.


The project will be evaluated by the program officer and our beneficiaries on one side and the program officer and the Administrative team on the other side. We would highly appreciate if you or your representative will be there for the evaluation. A copy of the evaluation will be sent to you.


We will send a comprehensive report on the implementation of the project; this will be done every quarter or according to your time of reporting to suit your convenience. Our financial books, receipts, invoices vouchers, photographs and other documents pertaining to the implementation will be sent to you to justify how your money was spent. These Financial documents will be open to you or your representative at any time for transparency and accountability.


N0. Description of Courses N0 of Student Cost per-Student Cost per-(10) Students USD Rate1$ Equal ¢ 9,000
1 Soap Science 10 ¢520,000 ¢5,200,000 $577.77
2 Electricity 10 ¢520,000 ¢5,200,000 $577.77
3 Tailoring 10 ¢520,000 ¢5,200,000 $577.77
4 Architectural Drafting 10 ¢520,000 ¢5,200,000 $577.77
5 Agricultural 10 ¢520,000 ¢5,200,000 $577.77
6 Electronics 10 ¢520,000 ¢5,200,000 $577.77
7 Sub Totals 60 ¢31,200,000 $3,466.66
8 Miscellaneous 10% ¢3,120,000 $346.66
9 Grand Total ¢34,320,00 $3,813,32