McIntyre Saryor Davies

McIntyre Saryor Davies


Brother Davis, I don’t want to remain refugee alway, and I wish God would take me and my family out of this hard Africa. But again, I have a vision which have overshadowed my desire to go to Canada, Australia, America, etc. to improve living condition.

I am seeing myself as Nehemiah when he was in exile (Neh. 1:ff; 2:2-5). I need to live with my family seeking for good life somewhere in the world, but what about the thousands of suffering youth, teenage girls/mothers, women and children in rural Liberia? Suffering street children busy running behind food, no education, no skills, no home with one to care for their well being?

Brother, I need to go back home to give those children their place of belonging, make them feel part of the society, to create avenues to unearth their potentials and make them useful in society.

ENPOWERMENT: Let us see that some body enpower Nehemiah to achieve his goal, (Neh. 2:1,7,8). I see God as the King and you and those that you will bring along to make the vision a reality as A’-sah.

Brother Davis, think, pray and study this document, lets disagree to agree. Put in your ideas and lets move forward and so what God wants us to do. May God bless you and its my prayer to hear from you.

McIntyre Saryor Davies

Kenneth D. Davis

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