Prince Eric Yengbe

Prince Eric Yengbe

Prince Eric Yengbe
Budubueam Refugee Camp
World Bible School
% Box 46
State House- Accra,Ghana

Nov. 28, 1969

Bolahun town,Lofa Co. Liberia

I am a High School Graduate, Vocation—-Electricity,A Adegree, Ftrist year Bible Student(Theology) A Preacher and a Teacher of the Church Of Christ,Buduburam Refugee Camp.

I Came From Liberia, Because of WAR and I am Here in Ghana as a Refugee.

Things are not really fine with me. I am Really Sick in my Body Both Physical and Spiritual.I am a refugee with no help from anywhere. The UNHCR is not giving any food,noMedication,Not easy to get Water and other things for our lively hood,It is only the Almighty GOD that is Blessing us some how to live here on this Camp.

I am Single for now( Planing to get Married very soon, as I get some financial support).

I was mad handle, tide, put in jail to be killed, betting with Gun butt, our house set on fire,burned to dust,Uncle killed,Children missing in action,(about four), Their mother Taking by a General and he had a child by her,Treating to killed me and my family and relatives.

Evang.Prince Eric Yengbe

Kenneth D. Davis

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