Rebecca Z Siaway

Rebecca Z Siaway

Dear Saints,
I am 32 years old Liberian female, i was born in Nimba county, Liberia, member of the Gio Tribe.

I have not being married and now a single mother of a daugher, i pray that God can provide as i work in his vinyard.

I m a single parent caring for three kids here at the camp, the two are for my brother while mine is one daughter. i have found life here very difficult. many at times, i am assisted by Bro John Travis. My major problem with these kids here are Feeding, housing and educatting them. They are all school going ones. i am in school since i have to fetch for food for them and at the same time go to Work with WBS and the church. I have applied to many who can help with them but as you know all here are refugees and there is little to expect.

Personal history
During the war, 1990, we the Gio tribe was hunted to be SYMPATIZERS of Taylor and this led to the death of my father in 1993, January, and my separation from mother and the rest of my brothers and sisters. Up to this this time, i have no idea as to their where about. I later came to Ghana in 1997 and i am living with this friend along with the kids.

May God bless you all as u read this short note of mine.
Rebecca Z Siaway
Children Bible school

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