Sanfee K Dorley’s Story

Due to our religion as muslems, when the rebels came,they caught our father and all of us outside and palce our father head on the rock and put knife to his throat and they said that they were going to kill him. One of the boys recognised my father and he also recognised him. Before the war, he used to carry them in the city when ever they asked him for a lift. They were on reconosy/spying for Taylor so they left him. During the night, another group came and took all of my father cars, his money and said, We are going to come back and kill every one of you and bring the track whic is the big car and domm all of you.

My father had seven wives: Tenkay, Mumue, Hawa, Sankay, Klema, Watta, and Lusu.All the wives were business women. They all left him accept for three that left with. All my father three cars were taken from him as well. We ran to Grand Bassa county from Margibi county. Because we were, moslems, the town owners refuse to give us a sleeping place and we were sleeping outside. Snakes came and creeping among us.We learn there to kill snakes. We were driven from the Village by the town owner because they said we were moslems. All the time we spent there, we were living on bush yams and palm cabbage. We went back to Kakakta
to live. The soldiers asked us to get clearance before we live in the town which we did. We later heard of my oldest sister death in Bomi county, Liberia.

Unfortunately for us, when the peace keepers came to Kakata, we were told to leave the town and we ran back to Grand Bassa county. There, we moved from one place to another until 1992. When the Ecomog came to Liberia, they killed two of my brothers. They were: Soko and Oldman. Soko was killed in Monrovia and Oldman was killed in Gbarnga. We move again from place to place until 1994.

We went to live in our village at this time,and many persons came to live there. Among those living there was sis. Mamie who was suffering from TOOTH ACHE. Since she was suffering from the tooth ache, i was taking care of her baby. She began to like me and she took me to be her play daughter. Then when the war cease a bit, she left in that same year, 1994. At the age of 18, the soldiers were looking for me to RAPE since i was the only girl in the town that was a virgin and never had a boy friend. My father told me “Sanfee, i want you to be with this boy until the war can cease down”, so i went to live with him. This boy was NOT a sodier. Two of my lilltle brothers died from hunger. One big brother died from hunger as well. After the death of my two little brothers and big brothers, all our belongings were taken away from us including clothes. In the year 1994, my father managed to get another car but it was again taken from him.

My father had all his 16 houses damaged in Kakakta. He also lost his Rubber farms. The rubber farms were cut down by the Rebels. My fahter sold dry goods at the time. Since i was given to this boy by my father, he sufferded maldtreatment for my sake. He had lots of cuts on his knees and Elbows. I later got pregnant for him and while in Labor pain, there was no good hospital or health center, i was carried to to the nearby clinic but due to the lack of instrument to do the job, the baby died in me. I was carried to MSF but denied. It was refered to Phebe hospital or Monrovia but it was not possible due to the war in Kakata. This led to the Nurses taking the decision to take baby out of my belly. During this process,my urine bladder was destroyed.I was in comma for 10 days and paralised in the right leg and arm. When the war ceased down a bit,we went back to Grand Bassa county at which time they arrested my father and my twin brother,Luisene.They beat them. They sufferd pains. They were both taken to our farms in Margibi to show where the remaning property is. When they did show the property,they were freed.My father sufered pains in his legs even up to the time i left him. I was carried to Sweden Relief Hospital in Monrovia and scheduled for surgery. When i went back i hear that the Doctor who was to do my Surgery died in a motor accident.

After i heard of the Doctors death in July, 1996, i moved back to Kakata in 1997 and began selling dry goods to earn a living. I was still cripple. I later decided to move to Monrovia and it was at this time i met Dr.Tetey in December 17, 1998. Dr.Teytey did the firs Surgery on me and it was successful. The second surgery came about when i went to fetch water at which time the stiches moved.
This second one was NOT successful. The third and fouth ones were all NOT successful. But the fith(5th) one was SUCCESSFUL. This one enabled me to attend school in Kakata.

After i took my 4th period test, April 3,2002, we fled from Kakata due to the war there and went in a group of 4 girls. We were Arrested and charged of being a connaper and later RAPED. The surgery moved. I began to bleed and urinate after the surgery moved. I manage to go to Monrovia.I met my play ma(MAMIE) I stay with her on Ashmun street, Monrovia. She told me of her trip to Ghana and she brought me to Ghana. Due to the death of her mother in the USA, she left Ghana for Liberia leaving me alone in Ghana. I have not heard of her since December, 2002.


I started school in 1985 in the the town of Kakakta. I attended the St.AUGUSTINE Episcopal school. I was promoted to the 7th grade but did not sit in the class until 2000-2002 after the war. In 2000-2002, i attended the same school in Kakata and my last grade was 9th grade.

Sanfee K Dorley

Kenneth D. Davis

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