Kingdom of Heaven – Intro

The kingdom of heaven is a dominant theme in the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; the first four books found in the New Testament of the Holy Bible). The subject of the kingdom of heaven is the bulwark of the personal teaching of Jesus Christ as found in the gospels. The kingdom is mentioned by Jesus more than 100 times in the written accounts. In comparison, Jesus only mentioned the word “church“, just twice.

  • Why did He speak almost exclusively of the kingdom?
  • Why do men today, talk almost exclusively of the church?
  • What really is this kingdom?
  • How do we relate to the kingdom?
  • Is the church; the kingdom?

I pray God will allow us to answer these questions. Together we must endeavor to discover afresh the kingdom of heaven from the study of scripture.

With the indulgence of the reader, I wish to provide a new translation of the scriptures used in the study. If the reader desires, he may use his own familiar Bible translation. The translations are simply my endeavor to render a more precise reading to the scripture by translating from the Nestle Greek New Testament into English, the same as I would for the study of scripture in my own home. These translations are done with the greatest desire to remove the bondage of translation dictated by doctrine or denomination.

Kenneth D. Davis

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