Writings of Elizabeth A. Fenley – Preface

Kristie D. Davis; granddaughter

When my Mother mentioned to me that a book containing writings from my great-grandmother (Elizabeth A. Fenley) had been found in my Grandpa’s old shed, and that someone was needed to copy the deteriorating pages so that everyone in the family could get a copy, I readily volunteered for the task. I would type every now and again when I had a break from work or school, sometimes getting so caught up in reading that I would forget the typing. One thing that has struck me throughout reading and copying Elizabeth’s words, is the intense love and devotion that she felt for our Lord. There were times when I had to stop in the middle of typing because my eyes would be blinded with tears. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to read the beautiful words of this strong and loving woman. I trully believe that she writes these things not only to her son, but to anyone who would take the time to read them. These words and their blessings, all of Elizabeth’s prayers, the love of our God, this is our true inheritance as children of the Living God.

(These writings are over seventy years old.)

Kenneth D. Davis

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