Letters from Nepal

Dear brethren in Christ warm greetings with my sweat wife Lata in our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ; with your family. You are my thought and prayer to work with us in the will of God. You are well come in Nepal. I will give you further information about the history of Nepal. I have finished my graduation form Singapore(Four Seas College) in 2002. Now i have been working in capital city Kathmandu of Nepal. Here are 2m people are living and rest people are regualary coming to live due to the maoits disposition. They are looking shelter of God who are in Matt11;28-30. 9:36-38 see we have also ladies ministtries sis. Ambika and my wife Lata have been working to hand out the tracts and ladies bible classes during the period of as we have set program and rest time they shall go to contact peopel and they led to church and i have to teach and preach as they need. Our work is also spread out India of North and West Bengal and Near By Bhutan. 2more congregation have already established in Bhutanese Refugee. This nation is good launching pad for the Mission field. Keep in your prayer for ministry of Nepal to work together. Thanks for your cooperation and brotherly love May our Lord Jesus Bless in your mission field. I love you in the Love of Christ.

Love is More Than a Word Love is indeed more than a word. It is much more. It is a will put into action. John wrote, “My little children, let s not love in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth” (1 John 3:18).Love is vertical and horizontal. It extends to God and to man. One’s love for God determines how he loves his family, friends, neighbors, and yes even his enemies (Mt. 22:37; John 13:34-35; Eph.5:25; Tit.2:4-5; Mt. 22:39; Mt. 5:44).Love is to be the backbone of our actions(1Corinthians 13:1-3). It matters little what is done or how much of it,if it is ill motivated. A careful inventory must continually be taken here. This requires a look within not without. Love is to be put into action (1 Corinthians 13:4-7). Statement is one thing and actions are another. There have been more than a few children, while being told how much they are loved being battered and bruised. Likewise, there are some children of God, who, being told how much they are loved, are spiritually battered and bruised. Love acts in accordance with the claim. Love learns to be sacrificial (1 John 3:17; John 15:13). Love is willing to give of themselves and other means when a legitimate need is present. It never turns a deaf ear to a genuine need. Love is to be without pretense (Romans 12:9-10). This demands that love takes its root keep within the person’s heart, not on the end of his tongue. It results n feelings and emotion, not unconcern and apathy. Also note 1 Peter 1:22.Love works no ill to his neighbor (Romans 13:10). Some live for revenge. While some may not take revenge, they may harbor ill feelings and ay hurtful things for years. This is not loving a person but hating him, which is a serious infraction (1 John 3:15).Love is to be benevolent 1 John 3:17). For one to see a brother in genuine need and shut up his bowels of compassion from him does not show love to him or God. The attitude of love is seen in Acts 4:34-37, Acts 2:44-45 and 2Corinthians :1-5. Love is benevolent out of a pure heart .

Dear all Beloved brethren in the Lord warm greetings from Nepal. Hope the things are well with you doing the perfect will of God to win souls ministry thru your part to praise and Glory of God perching the glorious Gospel save redeemer message to the kingdom of God. We are writing this letter with a heavy heart knowing the love of God that does not disappoint for the children of God in the world. We all of us know the Scripture that speaks to us: “By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. But whoever has this world’s goods, and sees his brother in need, and shuts up his heart from him, how does the love of God abide in him? My New'”Brothers, do not think us as beggars but think as workers for the Lord. We are doing what we could and you should be proud of us seeing us working in the Lord. Lord’s Church in Nepal should spread as our Lord intended and Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ should go forth all over the country which we are trying to consider. Without preachers the word of God will not sound and our Lord himself has told us to go forth to preach the Gospel who will preach the Gospel without sending them. So we should be grateful for finding the workers and preachers of the Gospel. However we are disappointed to see the dire needs of our brothers and sisters who are labouring in the vineyard of the Lord. This problem has torn our hearts into pieces and compelled to request you brothers thinking that you care us in the Lord. Now gleaming all of these problem, we request you brothers to consider them and their problem at least for this year and then we all will pray for the next year. The required financial immediately help for : carry out the seed of Truth to save the Lost.

Cry of the missionary of the Nepal to win abundance life in Christ. if we fail in our great task to preach the redeemer word of God to those who are dying in the world. who ask because of the things you fail to do to share with them God’s precious true word; to whom it saves .will you then accepts the blame for those who die without It name? Or would you rather help today outreach dying souls while still we may are in so doing your own to live God near I great throne? Dear brethren we are constantly receiving earnest dire requested for the printed materials with financial reliance who are coming from other may districts for the safe land who are dispersion (destitute people are coming from various pales)victimized by Maoists rebels . What can we do for them to save their souls thru our efforts? Matt9:36-38 see will we turn a deaf ear to these dire request? or will we respond and put into their hands the kind or literature into Nepalese that will teach them the truth , along with extra copies to share to whom need more than us to save the precious souls who are losing in the world.

With best regarding concerning by prayer to grow up the kingdom of God and bring the souls as safely heaven thru our efforts.In His service and Christian Love of God.

krishna prasad oli Baneshwor
church of Christ
Kathmandu G.P.O. BOX 21343

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